YUNDA Data Accelerator, high class integration product

All companies in all industries are facing big challenges to integrate data between system. Complex and expensive solutions are usually used. Our innovative solution enables client to get back on control using a simple and extremely performing solution

YUNDA Data Accelerator has been designed by people with great experience in data consolidation and is the result of many years of projects and as a result of key best practices.

YUNDA Data Accelerator can support any form of data , anywhere, with outstanding performance and maximum efficiency. It is easy to install and use and provide embedded monitoring. YUNDA Data Accelerator is a complete suite of modules including Yunda IDC (connectivity), Yunda EDM and Monitoring, Yunda Query, Yunda Word, Yunda Report and Yunda Orchestrator.

YUNDA Intelligent Data Connector (IDC), unlimited connectivity

YUNDA can capture any type of files (PDF, EXCEL, CSV, TEXT, XML, DBF and more), any information from databases, any message from JMS server. YUNDA can do from simple to sophisticated data transformation and enrichment. Click here for more information...

YUNDA EDM and Monitoring

All information are consolidated in our EDM (Database) allowing strong control of your data flows and real time monitoring and alerting. Click here for more information...

YUNDA Word, produce Word document based on template

YUNDA Word allows you to define Word template (with TAGS) and to automatically generate Word document based on information available in YUNDA EDM repository. Click here for more information...

YUNDA Report, a complete solution for all your reports

Build your own reports. Execute them in various format (HTML, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, CSV). Schedule and automate report generation. Click here for more information...

YUNDA Query, an easy access to all your data

YUNDA Query is a simple tool allowing to select any kind of datas available in YUNDA EDM repository to display corresponding data and allows you to export the resulting datas in Excel format. Click here for more information...

YUNDA, built with key technology partners

Glasfish Application Server Java Oracle Database and Application Server Apache Pentaho Java